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They say believe half of what you see and none of what you hear....and how prevalent is that saying today, in this 21st century, modern day swarm of media hype. When news stories, events, and opinions can be uploaded in an instant from wherever, whomever, saying whatever they are big and bold enough to say, it's getting harder to educate ourselves at times and even make the tough decisions because we don't know what's right or wrong anymore. He says go left, She says go right, They say stop!! Even our friend Google doesn't get it right All of the time.

That's why it's important to be able to tune in and join conversations, that don't actually tell us what to do or how to think but open up our minds and provide room for discussion and researched factual information and opinion based solutions,  so you can begin to think for yourself and make your own educated decisions, suitable only for you!!!

Food for the Soul Media Group has a live broadcast on Vegas Hype Media and re-air shows on Anchor and Spotify.  Food for the Soul Media Group has been in existence for over 8 years and has covered a lot of ground since our inception. Beginning as an internet radio show on Tha After Party Radio Station based in Dallas, Texas, we were able to grow our listening base to over 2,500 listeners per week and over 15,000 listeners per month with our live shows and re-airs.


In 2019 we moved our show to The Fishbowl Radio Network Station where they had 4 streams with a global audience of 2.7 million unique impressions a month and we also added a new format with our You-Tube Talk Show and 5 vlog shows on our own You-Tube network. Keeping our monthly topics well rounded, we try to reach a wide demographic of listeners.  Our target demographic is African American Women 25 and up.  We believe it’s always important for us to touch our listeners where they are and help promote positive conversation one show at a time.


Relocating to Vegas Hype Media was a move that has elevated the brand completely. 

As one of the evening shows with a prime time spot at 7pm (pst), We are averaging anywhere from 5,000 to 7,000 listeners per show on our mixlr app, Facebook Live and



Our Newest Formatted Show The IAM Talitha Cumi Show is an hour-long podcast on Vegas Hype Media Station hosted by Talitha Cumi and brought to you by Food for the Soul Media Group. The Show Enlightens, Encourages, Inspires and Engages the listener from beginning to end with a topic of the day, positive news stories, honest food and movie reviews, the bad news flip of the week, special guests and artist spotlights for a feel good well, rounded show. We're bringing you real news and providing awareness to the community by any means necessary on everything from entertainment, fashion, relationships, politics , religion and business.

In 2023 we added 2 new co-hosts and segments to reach a broader audience. "What it is and What it Ain't" with Co-Host Kay with the G and The Double Take with Solid Truth.

Food for the Soul Media Group wants to be the leader in radio, social media, virtual and Talk TV as a source of information by the people for the people and locally to Las Vegas, Nevada.


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