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Who is Big Bobby B?

Designer/Artist/Stylist, Big Bobby B is the man behind the Orlá Worldwide Brand.


Big Bobby B is the true essence of the word ARTIST. He is an unmistakable presence that is well rounded and gifted in every facet of the ARTS; From Fashion, Music, to ART and Acting and Modeling.

Bobby began his career as a Gospel Rap Artist and Artist and then branched out into Music Production and Fashion.


His creative style is described as "chic meets street". He designs outfits along with jewelry and shoes and puts looks together and creates the perfect one of a kind statement for every individual.

Starting out with the Chris Orlá Collection jewelry and accessory line, he quickly realized how he could design and create clothing as well. In 2015, he created a re-purposed clothing line, "The Blue-Pencil Line by Chris Orlá for men and women.  "Clothing That Makes Sense".  In 2019 he released the Desert Wild Life custom furniture collection.


You can spot a Big Bobby B Design from Los Angeles all the way to London. 

Bobby’s designs from his Chris Orlá Collection and Blue-Pencil Clothing Line now simply Orlá Worldwide, have been featured across the country, gracing runways since 2013.

He draws when he’s in the mood. He can use the sewing machine and all of its functions pretty damn well for an untrained novice. He currently resides in Hot As Hell Las Vegas with his beautiful wife and 2 kids. Well her brother and their dog. Lol. Might as well be his kids, hell. Creating a way for others to not think about their depression is his passion. Over the past 10 years he has fashioned signature handcrafted jewelry for men, women and those who choose not to identify. He has had the honor of gracing many a wrist with his wrist candy. He’s been in stores and boutiques all over the US.


He started making elaborate boxes for each individual piece. Be it a necklace bracelet or some simple earrings. They all get a box. But not just any box. A box that he designs with pictures quotes and literature of people that he thinks are great. On his quest, it hit him. Sweaters have pretty much sucked forever. He started cuttin’ sweaters up and now has his Bookreaders Collection and RiCh HoB0 Jackets.

He was featured in RAW-Dallas in 2016 as a breakout Artist and is best known for his T.V. Heads. He is the Accessories in the Nude 2019 Artist of the Year. He is a 2021 Nevada Arts Grant Recipient. 

Designer Big Bobby B..........says, "Don't watch TV, watch ME"

Stand out from the Ordinary with us......The Life… The Look… The Brand!!!

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